In search for a "Rival"

I’ve beaten Insurgence. I’ve beaten the Devs without too many issues. (Most were fairly easy.) Now I’m left without a satisfying challenge as I raise more and more Pokemon to level 120, fully trained… In preparation for what?

Yup… I can’t even find a Random Battle when I’m looking for one. So I’d like to find people to test my teams with. Wish I could re-battle that son of a Gun who actually gave me a run for my money in the first run of the League. That was a fun fight. It was… Perfect. Cough

I’d be down to do random battles with you! Since you say you made it through the whole game without much issue, I probably won’t be too much difficulty for you, but maybe you’d like to give me a shot anyways.

The only issues I had were in the Throne of the Hegemon once, and then the first Pokemon League run. I almost made it through on my first(And Blind) try, then at the very last Pokemon left to down, I failed. But you did get me interested, I’d like to see what other people have built. I’m confident in my entire Box of treasured champions.

Edit: I definitely need a good night’s sleep as it’s pretty much midnight at the moment. I’ll be available anytime after 6 hours.

Damn did I sleep hard… I’m available whenever to accept a challenge.

What’s your time zone? I’m CST.

GMT+2. But since I’m around, I can be on and have my team ready at any time. It’d take a Max of five minutes at worst.

Hey hi…
Serious achievements bro!!
I would love to know more about your best team composition.
If you do not mind…

Sorry, I’m really bad at remembering to check back in a timely manner. I’ll try to remember to keep an eye on the forum today. I don’t have Pokemon at level 120 yet, but I’d be down to do Random Battles using the simulator

I haven’t checked out the Simulator yet, so I guess I might as well do it now that I’ve some time.

It seems easy to use though mostly uninhabited. The few times I’ve used it I haven’t been able to find a battle

I’m there right now. I’ll build a team which will take extremely little time and be up for any Battle.