[In progress] All shiny deltas. :3

I’m gonna play through the game and try to get all deltas as shinnies so wish me luck. :3

Okay so after 2 rival shinnies and one soft reset fail I finally got my shiny Charmander after 2 days! :smiley:

Btw I reseted the counter at both rival shinnies and the fail.

Shiny fail at 1239 and 3018 encounters for this one.




I guess this should count. .3.

1st rival shiny at 139. 2nd at 589.

That was fast.
Took 14 encounters. :3

Soft reset fail at 563 and then finally got it at 849 encounters afterward. (I hate myself cuz I’ve done that once for Charmander and now again for this fellow. xD)

2739 Soft resets, totally worth it seeing how epic this shiny is.



2016 Soft resets

Really short hunt 369 soft resets! :smiley:

4 shinies in 24 hours. :smiley:
I’m awesome!!! xD



good luck…

good luck since some of the deltas you will need to use pokepon for to get the shiny, like delta munchlax and mistraveous.

Wow bro, good luck! I hope you finish it.

hey bro can you delta pidgey shiny for one day i promise ill give it back . pls ill lose a bet otherwise

Welcome to the forum

You want a reply from someone that hasn´t posted in years :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I´m curious, What was the bet?

100 dollars was the bet price and i had to catch a delta shiny that can mega
in 1 day

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Even if someone traded you a shiny Delta that can Mega evolve, there are some flaws in your plan.

Every Pokemon hatched or caught in the game has the information of the Original Trainer displayed on the screens

How were you planing to explain to the one that you made the bet:

  1. The different original Trainer Name from yours?
  2. The different Trainer ID from yours?
  3. The date that shows when the Pokemon was caught?

It’s crazy what’s possible.

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I haven’t played Insurgence in years; I still may have my save backed up to onedrive tho. Either way, I will not be doing that for you, I don’t even have time to shiny hunt for myself anymore. Haha
Goodluck with your bet tho!


need ur help with my team

Welcome to the community.

I don´t know what you need my help for, but send me a DM.

hello its my first time playing pokemon insurgance , i am at training school and my starter is fairy type bulbasour . my friend told me its a tough game and u need strtegy to beat it . can u tell me what mons should i use i my team aside from delta venasour . i don’t know anything about delta mons except i love delta snourlax which my friend used and willing to use that in my team

after doing some research i reached to the conclusion

D. Venasour
D. Snourlax
D.metagross ( spider )

r they ok ?

Do you have some spare post-game Deltas? Specifically Aaron, Aurora, and Golett? I just want them on my team for the game, but they’re post-game so yk.

i deleted the game sorry