In need of a moon stone

I’m playing a randomizer and have a nidorino. I’d like to use a nidoking but can’t for the life of me find a moon stone. Can someone drop one off in my secret base? I’m willing to trade ability capsule, zekrom Armor or relic items. Thanks

My Secret Base Code is HHIII

I got one

Thank you so much!

Is there a way I can trade you the item

I think you can drop it in my secret base by interacting with the mailbox

kk ill do it. its night for me atm so ill do it later

can you trade me an iv stone

or maybe leave it at my secret bases mailbox

Sure, I’ll leave it with one of the deltas

You know what is there anything other than iv stones you’d like in return? I have the incredible number of 1 iv stone…

Um I need to think

Ok sounds good

do you have a fist plate?

I think so, let me check

I don’t have one but I can get one easily. I’ll have it and the deltas ready by the end of the day, so I’ll send over the plate with the deltas

Ok sure

Btw what do you actually want for the deltas

What do you have? It doesn’t have to be much

pokemons with decent levels (i can get them to certain levels if you want)

Do you have a ditto?