In need of a Delta Bergmite

Trading Name: Delta Bergmite

Offer: Most pokemons but legendaries and Lvl 100+

Request: Delta Bergmite

Further info:
I just found the Delta Bergmite in the Dragon Ruins, but when I met it, it was replaced by Cresselia and vanished after I caught the legendary… I saved then by error. Would someone have a Delta Bergmite to share? I would like it a lot!

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i got one! trading name’s Volkeus

Ok! My trading name is B_H.
What pokemon would you want? I can catch it, or use a ditto for an egg, …

Any common Pokemon will do just fine!

Ok! I’ll try to contact you in game to trade.

alrighto, sorry in advance if it get’s late

Do you try to contact me in game when you’re playing? I’ve tried to contact you several times but…

ah sorry!

I am in game at the moment.

could you tell me the general time when you’re online?

I can be online at 7h00-9h30 GMT and 11h00-14h00 GMT. You?

I can usually be around at 3:00 - 5:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST - 8:00 EST

We have 7 hours of difference :slight_smile:
Let’s try 3:00 - 5:00 pm EST, that will be 10:00 - 11:00 pm for me.

ah ok! sorry for keeping this up for so long though!

NP, it can be hard to find a moment to meet in this situation.

I’m online at the moment.

same here

It says “The user Volkeus is not online”…

try now?

It worked, thank you!