In game trades and stuff

Trading Name: Trading Name: ThatPokemonner

Offer: Anything I have

Request: Delta Froakie,Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Dratini, Delta Riolu, Delta Volcarona

Further info: I dont care about EV’s and IV’s that much since this is for an in game team

What deltas do you have? I can get you all of those you listed :slight_smile:

umm I don’t really know. Is there a possibility you can get them for me for free

it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: I can get them for you for free, but if you happen to have final evolution trashmons from gen 4 or 5, they’d be most appreciated. if you don’t that’s fine. I’ll be free to trade in about 15 mins.

k whats ur trading name

should we trade now?

mine is Veronicandy

Should we trade now though?

yep I’ll be online like in 1 min :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do i trade in Holon

nvm nvm I just remembered I forgot to breed froakie

oh k. Please take your time

you can access a PC in the fancy tents of the settlements. just gimme like an extra 5 mins to breed froakie, sorry

Are you ready? Sorry for hassling you. Thank you anyways

yep just finished breeding, lemme get the other mons :stuck_out_tongue: and nw

I’m ready, are you online?


crap i didnt know you had to trade from your party. Be back in a sec sorry lol

no worries - have 6 trashmons (preferably final evos) in your party

k im on