In Game PVP

I started playing this game with my brothers but we can’t battle each other. When is this huge problem getting fixed, if it will ever be?

I’m pretty sure it will be fixed on 3.0. right now you can use the battle simulator. but it isnt fully up to date

In-game PVP battling is removed permanently. It has so many issues that developer time would be better spent working on other things.

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In case you want you battle your friends with some of the delta pokemon, all they need is a forum account, to battle on the battle sim!
This simulator has all the pokemon from kanto to kalos, as well as some of the deltas

But it’s not like we wanted to play Pokémon Showdown with some deltas. what’s the problem with a battling mode in the game?

bugs full of bugs

But you can’t keep a game alive if you don’t fix it…

i think they said that they are not adding new features or pokemon . it think its over maybe we can see in the future some features

It’s a shame such a beautiful game must be ruined by bugs.

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