Improving secret base

  1. add a gift box where we put items for visitors

  2. customize the mart guy: let us place our own items and name prices for visitors to buy, maybe the possibility to put mons for sale

  3. remember the medal case in BW2, bring it back with the reward of special decorations and statues to make your base more “special”

  4. a battle robot; basicaly a bot that i can set his team and visitors can battle it, if possible have more, to make the flag quest more challanging

  5. when we use a special npc service (egg hatcher, trade evolver, box hacker …) we can buy them for the base for an insane amount of cash

  6. basically more decorations, like tables, holes, mood changer …

please if possible add these cause right now, people only visit secret bases for friend safari and flags, i would love if a dev can tell me what is possible and what is not, thanks for reading


I love all of these!


thanks this post needs support

if you have an idea tell me and i add it

Love the ideas hope they make it into the game.

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Well, the idea you have is pretty amazing but I don’t think they are going to add these features in the game cause they had already said that they have already planned what they are going to make in future final update of Pokemon Insurgence.

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i think they said that about story

Yeah you are right but to add new features in the middle of game is way hard and they already know what new features they need to add and I don’t think they will be able to add other features in middle of Game .

Not trying to be mean or something.

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but that’s not blocking progress, it can be added after the game game is finished, and if on top story elements, features can’t be added then the suggestions categorie is worthless

I know what you are trying to say but it’s not all that easy. It’s not an easy task to make a game that’s almost done and add new features and if the Suze is going to take all ideas from suggestion section the game will keep on working, working and working and will probably take more than a year to finish cause there are thousands of suggestion to improve game in suggestion section .

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am not saying taking all suggestions, taking what’s possible and good for the game, and is it bad to take a long time to make better ? a project should be perfected not rushed, especially one as good as this one

The creators have a lot of pressure on them and a big responsibility and I said I don’t personally think that these suggestions are going to be added in Game I did’t said it’s impossible or can never be added in the game and neither I want creators to rush through this game but I don’t think that they will be able to add more feature cause the game is almost complete and only few things are left to add.

And this is my Opinion cause I know how hard it is to create a game. And everyone is supposed to have their own opinion even if they are wrong.

I personally appreciate your suggestion about adding new stuff , but I don’t think it’s now possible.(MY THOUGHTS)

ok calm down am sorry if i said something wrong :frowning:

Nah, You did’t said anything wrong ENJOY the game :slight_smile:

man, i hope some of these can be added, all the secret bases i visit are bland and boring

How to add gift boxes? I started playing this game like four days ago and I manage to finished the game’s story line in 4 days!

it’s a suggestion, not in the game

I like all these suggestions. Especially furniture. I want to be able to add beds and stuff to make it like a place people would spend time in. Right now I just have a random assortment of individuals standing around in a cave.

I would think that this would be an excellent idea. The Gift Box would give out a limited amount of items to visitors (the amount of items you put in) and the PokeMart person, the Badge Case (for Gym Badges) and the Box Hacker would be interesting. I also feel the need to ask if there would be a Fencer where his/her trades would change everyday and you can sell items to him for “Points” (replace the word points) and exchange them for items in his trades. There could also be Pokemon sold. I’m quite new, and just started building my base, but this would be a cool idea to add.

This could actually work pretty well, but the battling robot thing sounds the coolest

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i like the ideas of the gift box! also had ideas pop into my head so hope this is ok i saw your thread and didn’t want to make a new one on the same topic. i love to update my base when i get the poke-e-cash and had a few ideas and request i thought be cool. so thought i pose them here.

water base. like islands and board walk ways. seeing you get a lapris to surf with before the base thought it be fun, new and tricky for those the like to make puzzles and mazes with the TPers in their bases.

other statues? like the celebi we see in the cave with nora and the lucario ones in the cave when we get a get to see a wild pokemon use a mega on it’s own. i hide my TPers behind them like markers. =x.x’=

the pika taxi out of the base? lame idea but it popped in my head when going form town to town. but have to have his vip pass to use him?

mega plushies/shiny mega plushies? or way to make it you can interact with them to change the color form normal to shiny?

a mining rock that works like pokepon like wait a hour or so and it gives you a random item? mining heart scales for the move relearn is my weakness and hard,…

not base but green hair,…?

sorry if don’t want this here i can post it in a new thread if need. =x.x’=