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Imma die

and now its effective against most things

what about ghost types?

normal type is the most broken type in nyx’s rules

good idea

alr maybe go for rotom? and change its forms? actually dont change forms

good idea

i havent played insurgence alot to help people include deltas in their team. but i know good regular poke
Btw changing rotom’s forms doesn’t mean it will have its ghost type

delta ambipom might be perfect for this hes normal and dark type. so he doesnt have many weaknesses

oh i thought he was just a ghost type . Thats awesome acutally
i thinkk curse is pretty good with a ghost type if you can stall enough

i think ill use this team( all fully evolved of course).

looks good

Actually, no, in Inverse Battles, the best type is Ice, followed closely by Normal.

Normal-Ghost actually, he has 1 Inverse resist and 3 weaknesses to Normal, Ghost, and Fighting, so he loses to M. Kanga, use Gengar.

get a delta gardevoir

and probably a mega khangaskhan

i know about the weakness the delta ambipom is pretty speedy and has priority moves imma use him to finish the M.khangaskhan.

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