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Imma die

so i got to nyx. and i noticed my entire is about to destroyed.

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update i got destroyed.

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lol. i love the update bit

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i did not love the update.

xD it was funny, did you get armored tranyintar

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Sbeve is probably good left out. the thing i noticed is that these npcs SPAM ALOT

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i did it died

this gliscor when i was vsing the 3rd gym on hard was SPAMMING EARTHquake and it took me 5 tries

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the Kangaskhan sweeped like half my team.

get a fighting type, you do have one right in that team?
Mega D. Loubunny i think is great

fighting types are weak to it.

what no… fighting types are effective against normal

in the fight the weaknesses are reversed

my team has a lot of resistences

so weaknesses

hmm. i would suggest tanking with armored trynnitar.

it worked for a while till Kangaskhan used return

currently revamping my team so it has a lot of weaknesses

return is too op sometimes. my eevee legit sweeped the first and second gym somehow.