I'm trying to et fullscreen on pokemon insurgence

i’m a fan of pokemon and a friend of mine told me to play insurgence. i saw a bit of gameplay and i instanty fell in love with this game and decided to download it. i encountured a problem when i tried to play the game. it wasn’t full screen.

i have searched on the web, asked my friend and even downloaded a software that gives full screen to games like rnescape but nothng has worked out for me.

I play it on windows 11 if you were wondering.

alt+enter iirc
just remember that the game might not look the best at certain parts of the game

alt + enter doesn’t sem to working either.

I remember there was an option in settings called “screen size” with the options “Tiny”, “Small”, “Large”, and “Huge”. You can try large or huge, maybe it’ll go outside of your screen, or just play the game with a smaller screen.