Im stuck

Emm i catched giratina
King guy said something And YEET THE crystal from me

i didnt understand. but the king guy will take it from u .he will give it to u back lol

Im not asking how to get it back
I want to know where to go now

go through the worm hole type thingy behind of where the giratina stood

and plzz . ask questions properly

Space hole
Already did that

now did u got the phone call from nora?

Yeah i do know she is in that one Town but i don’t have rock climb

go to the place where u encountered mew

Nothing there

did u go to the cave where u encountered amphitrite city


It was empty

.did u saw the battle with jaern and giratina cultist

A Long Time ago

Or there is another?

one in the south ampithrite city

Seen already

try going to deyraan town

wait u have 8badges right?