Im Starting out and i need TIPS :)

Im new to insurgence and dont want to make to many mistakes. I will defoleave it on hard mode. Any tip will be great. Thx in advance

If you’re doing hard mode, make sure you have a full team (or as close to a full team as possible). There are level caps prior to important story battles, so make sure you max out your Pokemon before battling. You’ll know you hit the cap when your Pokemon only receive 1 EXP point per battle. If you’re looking for some money early game, take a Pokemon with a Fighting-type move into Midna Cave and Rock Smash as much as you want. You’ll get items that sell for anywhere from $500-$1000, and rarely you’ll get what’s called an IV Stone- keep those! Later in the game, they can be used to max out your Pokemons’ stats.

thanks will keep in mind. I picked Avocado the bulbasaur. I dont have a fighting type yet though thx. When will I have to think about team comps?

AND dont forgot to start the game save file . with a soo rare language.if u want the masuda. d ditto

If you want to, I would personally plan out what works best with D. Venusaur ahead of time, so all you have to do is catch your party members and train them. That way, you can cover your bases without worrying too much if a certain fight will be insanely difficult or not. However, that’s entirely up to you.

already started, what is that?

poke is just desperate for a masuda delta ditto smh


I am also new and starting my adventure in hard mode with D. Bulbasaur. I am currently in the firts gym and I have D. Aron and Adamant Larvitar with Stealth Rock (both obtained via Wonder Trade xD). Any suggestion about my team will be welcome. Thank you.