I'm Starscape. I'm looking for friends!

Hello, future friends! I’ve been following Insurgence since it’s inception, but I’ve always lurked. Imho, It’s the best Pokemon game out there, let alone the best fangame. I’ve just today started a new nuzlock. (hopefully this time with an outcome interesting enough to make a story/comic/something out of!)

I hope to do some spritework here, I’ll be taking requests shortly.

Does this place have a roleplay section? If not, can I start one?

#FAQ for the Highly Curious

“Which socio-political boxes are the most accurate summary of your cultural background and general beliefs, for quick a shorthand (but of course ultimately flawed and un-nuanced) understanding of your likely opinions?”

Ah, what a thoughtful question! My identities and affiliations are myriad, but here are a few that I conform to pretty closely and care to tell:

I am a (FTM) Transman I am ADHD I am a Gen Y white guy living something like The Bay Area of the USA I tend to vote democrat, then Independant. Never republican. I am poor af I am a Rationalist in the vein of Eliezer Yudkowsky and Scott Alexander I would download my consciousness into a robot body, given the chance, but I would rather repair and improve the body I’m currently in. I would rather not die by any force other than my own hand, and certainly not of old age. I am not religious, per say, but I enjoy ritual. Sysiphus and Mr. Peanutbutter are my role models.

“What activities do you enjoy?”

I play Dungeons and Dragons 2 to 3 times a week. “Pretend” is the purest form of play, and nothing comes closer, imo, than a good ol’ fashioned pen’n’paper. TTRPG. I both play and DM.

My favorite games are Dwarf fortress, Minecraft, and Nuzlock Pokemon. I suppose I’m an artist at heart.

“How would I contact you if I wanted to be buddies?”

email. Aspenstarscape AT gmail DOT com.

“What is your favorite Pokemon?”

Gallade, followed closely by Dragonair.

“What is your favorite color?”


“What is your Quest?”

I want to become a software architect, just like my dad. :smiley:

“What is your favorite thing to do in a pokemon game?”

Imagine elaborate backstories for my pokemon and other NPCs, and cry my heart out when they die.

Welcome to the forums!