I'm seeking Delta Axew (or any of its evolutions)

Trading Name: Jiggit93

Offer: Delta Axew in exchange for whatever I have that you want


Further info: I’m only 6 badges in, so I don’t have every pokemon to offer yet

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Wait… If you’re already at the 6th gym, what happened to your static encounter of delta axew?

I let my brother play that city. He didn’t catch it, but I figured I could acquire one by trade later.

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Can’t you go back? Or did he kill it?

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Yeah, he killed it. Went straight onto the next place. I didn’t realise there had been a one-time delta in that city until I checked the wiki.

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Do you still need the D. Axew?

Yeah, I do! What would you like for it?

I´m fine with anything.

Thank you - let me know when you’re online! My username is Jiggit93 and my trainer name is Sunny

Can you trade now?

My trading name is the same as my user name.

Sure - I’m just getting online now :slight_smile:

The game says you are not online

your trading name is “jiggit93”

OK, I’ve typed your name in - just waiting for connection

Apparently you left the space - could you try accepting the trade again?

We have to enter at the same time.

Message me when you are ready


I keep getting the message that you’ve exited the trade

turn off the game and we both start again.

Message me back

Good idea

OK, I’ve restarted. Are you ready?