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I'm looking for a fly type pokemon

I’m looking for a flying type pokemon for my team

You have any ideas ?

My team : Typhlosion (typhlosionite) Roserade,Hydreigon,Haxorus (delta)

I use charizard, but it depends on weather or not your typlosion is delta, because if it’s normal, there’s a type overlap.

Where are you in your playthrough? I got some really good options, but some of them are far in the late-game.

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Hawlucha is a good option

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First thing that come in mind is Gyarados, but if you are too worried about the type overlap with Delta Haxorus, Poison Heal Gliscor can be really tricky for the opponent to knock out and give you a reliable switch-in to both Ground and Electric. Thundurus is an option too if I remember correct.