I'm in love with Delta Deino

Hey everyone! I’m completely new to the game, and as I tend to do, I made a bit of research about Delta Pokémon, and I gotta say, I completely fell in love with Delta Deino, especially the shiny one. As I just started, I can’t really offer much, maybe I can get you something in the future! But, I’d really love to have that pokémon in the early stages of the game rather than later on in the story. It’d be very appreciated!

Trading Name: PyreWhisp

Offer: Eternal Gratitude

Request: Low level Delta Deino (no necessarily shiny, but it would be too awesome) either Hasty, Naive, Timid, Jolly, Modest, or Adamant.

Further info: I’m sorry if this is asking too much, but I had to try. Thanks to anyone that reads this anyway!

i can get you one, it’ll be level 1, but it’ll be a delta deino

Could you do that for me? That would be too amazing! What nature could it be?

well, itll be from an egg, though i can get you a specific one if you want

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