I'm a shiny hunter for hire, request a shiny

Trading Name: Huntermygal

Offer: Whatever shiny you want me to get

Request: Depends on the shiny. If it’s really annoying to get, have Master Balls on hand, but I normally request stuff like Ethers, Elixirs, Rare Candies, and high level/hidden ability pokemon

Further info:

Do you think you could get a cyndaquil? Also, what do you consider to be high level and would you accept leftovers? I have quite a few level 60-70 pokemon but could level them up and ev train them if you want. I currently have a feraligater, zebstrika, flygon, metagross, dragonite, lucario and a few others.

sorry. I didn’t realise that you were the same person as the one that needed leppa berries

95-120, and also, do you have Giratina? If you do I’ll trade you a master ball for it.
So, also, got any of the following items: Rare Candies, Zincs, Proteins, Calciums, PP Ups, PP Maxes, HP Ups, IV Stones, Ancient Balls, Ethers, Max Ethers, Elixirs, Max Elixirs, or Delta Volcrona Armor, if so, I will trade for those

I do have some of the ev boosting items since i was preparing a team for my friend a while ago. Do you have a preference as to which one you would like? Sadly I am not far enough into the game to have giratina, although I don’t think I would need one on my team so when i get it, I might be able to send it to you if I remember although i am only at the rose crater at the moment

no preference, also, random question: on a scale of 1-10, how much does the unobtainable Master Ball in Amphrite City piss you off? I’m a 10

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10 lol

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ikr, heh

also, please put your highest level pokemon in a box and screenshot them, then post the screenshot in here, then I’ll say if I want any of them

i might be in the infernal base for a while since i didn’t realise that you couldn’t come out once you went in so i will definitely not get giratina for at least a month. Sorry but I am not actually able to play at the moment but will try to do it in a few days

okay then, but I can give you a good Greninja to help you along if you want

and yeah I can’t rly get out of the cult base so even if I was able to, I would be stuck without a pc

It’s fine. I do have a swampert but it’s a bit underlevelled so i’m just battling the memory chamber trainers in hopes to get enough experience to move on

and also, if you lose a battle, do you spawn back in the base with your pokemon fully healed? I haven’t tried it out yet and don’t really want to try it out unless I absolutely need to

I don’t know

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