Illegal Moves?

Is it possible (through the insurgence breeding mechanics) to breed illegal moves onto a pokemon. It doesn’t say anywhere that you can’t but my baby bidoof’s can’t seem to learn flamethrower.

Insurgence follows gen 6 breeding mechanics?? If it doesn’t work in the normal games, you can assume it doesn’t work in this one either.
It doesn’t say anywhere you CAN learn illegal moves either, so I have no idea why you thought that was possible.

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doesn’t insurgence have its own breeding mechanics? coz it says that on the wiki.

The only difference is this

Damn well there goes my flamethrower greninja dreams XD

As long as your Pokemon is Physical, you have the Custom Move to put as a Typing you need. But you have to note, only 1 typing is used if changed all Pokemon learning it change to the new Typing as well.

Oh my god i completely forgot about that! thanks man

Anytime, most people actually do forget about the custom move.

So my greninja set will HAVE to be ice beam, custom move (fire), scald and one more attack move. any tips on what that last move should be?

As I stated earlier, the Custom Move is Physical. So having it on a Special Greninja is not a good option, unless if you are going with the Nature Naive to use both.
Would have said Gunk Shot but Tutor Moves are not available yet. You can go with either, Grass Knot, or Extrasensory, since Dark Pulse not available by the current update anymore, and Low Kick is also a Tutor Move.

Oh thats right I also forgot that i was gonna use extrasensory. I’m just gonna have a fire custom move on him so i can counter grass types easily. The focus wasn’t so much on getting max damage

You could go w/ Hidden Power Fire.

really difficult to set up though