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If you aint cute what's the point [custom hair!]

“rhy did you make an account just to show off your nonsense–” yes because my friends don’t appreciate my efforts and i got into insurgence late :’ (

anyhoo! I haven’t sprited in aaaages, but I had a day off and I was in the mood today… so I thought I’d try my hand at it again. So! I decided to try something small while I get back into practice.

Apparently I only get two links, so here’s the thing.

Crit welcome! - v -)b Or, if you’d like a custom thing of dubious quality, I might consider whipping other things up if I have the time/energy.

DL here!


you should make a set of different colors as well, because these are super nice looking, hint hint

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Oh, sure sure! ’ v ')b I’ve uploaded enough to accommodate the dyes available in-game and then some into the DL doc. Thank you!

Have you completed them yet but chance?

Yeah, like… the day you asked LMAO Like I said, just check the link that says ‘DL here!’. I just uploaded everything there.

oh my, my apologies!!

Very nice! could you do a Goku hair do??

Have you also considered making a new hairstyle for the male characters? We could really use some new styles for them that are just different/dont involve a reference that we cant include into the game like “goku hair” or etc. If you have the free time, i’d love to see what you can come up with!

R.I.P Goku hair, I do agree though this game needs other hair sprites for males as well as the females.

But that’s why I ask for requests, amigos! It’s not that I haven’t considered it, and if I had the inspiration to create something for the dudebros, I’d certainly do it… but as of present, there’s nothing I’m feeling super hard off the top of my head. unless y’all want to walk around looking like my ocs lmao but I wouldn’t entirely recommend that experience

That custom hairstyle is really pretty, well done! As for male custom hairstyle ideas:

Personally, I would really like to see the Pokemon Colosseum protagonist (Wes) hairstyle available and I would be willing to trade off a few IV stones and/or a Delta Charizardite (I’m gonna restart anyways once 1.2 releases)

Also, I could see a shorter hairstyle (like the one offered in Pokemon XY) being appealing to a lot of people who play as the male character

posting to say that the black hairbow singlehandedly managed to fix the glitch with my sprite, somehow

replacing all of hair 5 immediately stopped making my female trainers into males on the trainer card n stuff. props to you

Sorry, I’m not super savvy, but If I wanted to download and use your new hair sprites, where would the files need to go and how would I change it in game? Thanks in advance!

Looking at that hairstyle makes me actually sad I’m playing a boy instead of the girl. The hairstyle looks great and is so pretty.

This is an old topic. Don’t revive it. You can still use these sprites; I don’t think gender changes anything important.