If Anime/Manga characters had gyms/Elite 4

What team do you see fit for anime characters? I had some ideas these were either limited to a type or a theme like Beasts, would love to hear your thoughts! Did i miss a given pokémon? Is there another anime character that comes to mind?

Manga = Solo Leveling [Sung, Jin-Woo] Type Shadow

Anime = Fairy Tail [Gray Fullbuster] Type Ice

Anime = One Punch Man [Mumen Rider] Type Normal

Anime = Hunter X Hunter [Killua] Type Electric

Anime = One Piece [Kaido] Type Beasts

Anime = Attack on titan [Levi] Type Flying


Nice! I do something similar, making characters into pokemon.

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I plan on gathering all of these pokémons and get them to a decent level and then make my own gym leaders for my friend. So after you beat the first gym, he would challenge me online and face off against for example Mumin Rider :smiley:

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I remember seeing things like that with MHA students once.


idk when i think flying and dragon would suit levi better, kinda like east. but anyways, noice