as we all know im not creative and need help to think of stuff. i’d like some help to brainstorm so ideas for regional forms for empyrean. i promise to give credit

You could always just ask people permission to use their Deltas.
I’d be willing to let you use mine (with credit), minus the Delta Dropbox ones. You have to get permission from the people that requested them first. Oh, you can’t use the Cyber Beedrill or the Mega Bisharp.

i rather word hard to make stuff myself.just my idealogy

Oh. Well, that makes sense. I misunderstood the point of this.
Hm… Well, what if you made different variants of the Alolan starters?
Or maybe an Electric Type Sharpedo line? That’s an idea I had for a while, but never got around to making.

I’d say an electric Type porygon line.
I can try to make the Dex entries and movepools if you want. I’d leave the spriting to you, I suck at spriting

Or what about…
Charmander: Rock Type
Charmeleon: Rock Type
Charizard: Rock/Fairy

Squirtle: Steel
Wartortle: Steel
Blastoise: Steel/Bug

Bulbasaur: Fire
Ivysaur: Fire
Venusaur: Fire/ Ice

The point of this evolution is:
Venusaur’s primary typing is 4x Super Effective against Blastoise’s types. Blastoise’s primary typing is 4x Super Effective against Charizard’s Types. Then, charizard’s primary typing is also 4x super effective against venu’s types.
Also yes their primary types consist of a perfect type trio, like grass water fire

If you’ll need any movepools, dex entries etc lmk. I’ll be happy to do em

you’ve wrong, but on the right track

wdym you are wrong, he is correct

How is it wrong? I implied venusaur, not the entire line

oh lmao

the theme with the squrt line could be that they are robots and then when they evolved into blast it looks more like a bug and its system is buggy

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yeh so in empyrean, starter are rare to find. to make regional variants of it would be … strange imo

thats sound really cool dont know if i might be able to implement it

how bout you do it with another line if starters are rare

infact i came up with the story that there is a evil group, perhaps the survivors of W.B who want to build the ultimate tech legendary pokemon which can control all tech and the delta blastoise line or some other bug steel line was a failed prototype of that, that way you can introduce armoured pokemon as a precursor to robot pokemon.

how bout it, do you like it, are you there, also, how are you going to make regional forms for empyrean, are you one of the developent helpers

nope im not a dev

oh, k, so are these just for fun or what

i put info in my md zard backsprite post.