Ideal Finale of Insurgence (WARNING:SPOILER)

what if all of the cults went agains the second augur because in the first chapter inferno and abyssal cult has some scheme to take down jaern of his black propaganda. reply if you agree or not :slight_smile:

this is cool. Cults vs Cults. Maybe even an attack of the titans! (Lugia vs Rayquaza vs Groudon vs …) Really like this idea!

Honestly I just want to see Jaern taken down. But this is COOL!

Considering what one NPC in Miara Town said, about shutting down the black market, I think at the very least a Sky Cult vs. Perfection showdown is extremely likely…of course, Jaern would be on the offensive in this case…


You really just necro post with just 3 letters