Idea for a sequel

Hi guys so over the holidays I’ve been brainstorming an idea I have for a new Pokémon fan game for insurgence which would serve as its sequel and it would explore more into delta Pokémon and there origins and even feature new delta species. This was going to be a two ver game almost like a traditional Pokémon game but I had friends tell me that I should combined both of them in to one game having you make choices to determine what kind of game you would be playing and what Pokémon you would end up with making it a full on rpg. You guys saw my first post on here about my own delta Pokémon well there gonna be the mascots of the game and would play into the rpg like experience.


For the starters they would be the delta vers of the galar starters or you could get a delta eevee

And the game would now feature Z moves, Dinamax and gigantamax besides Mega evolution although you can only get one of them base on the path you make in the game.
And there going to be a new form of gigantamaxing limited to only to delta spices called Deltamaxing instead of red aura or clouds Deltamaxing would cause your Pokémon to create a green aura being serounded by clouds producing green electricity.

So you guys tell me what your thoughts on these are!

Did you draw those? If you did, I think your art is amazing!


Hey, i’m just like u!
I create ideas to make a Pokemon fan-game when I grow up.

P.S. ur art is amazing

THANKS! :smiley: