Icy rock location

Hey, I just got to the Helios city black market, where I knew the witch doctor was. So i wanted to evolve my Delta Scyther there,. But I dont have the icy rock. Where can I find or in any other way obtain this? thanks in advance. (Keep in mind that I’m only in Helios City right now.)

Delta Scyther is typically considered worse than Delta Scizor for the reasons detailed in this thread.

If you want to evolve it anyway you need NeverMeltIce, not Icy Rock, which can be found in the department store.


What do you advice for a team: Eevee, Flygon, Electivire, Tyranitar, Delta Haxorus, is better Delta Scyther or Delta Scizor?

I dont know, Im not really into thee comp side of this game. But Scizor seems logical to me, because of mega evolution

Even as a Mega, Delta Scizor is worse than Delta Scyther. Using as a Mega also uses up the Mega slot that could be reserved for something else.

So , Do you advice for my team staying with Delta Scyther? In case, what moveset

Well it really depends on what you need it for. A set up sweeper with hone claws/Swords dance COULD be run but you’d have to watch out for attackers who can ohko or use a priority move against Delta Scyther, for in game usage a life orb’d set with Icicle Crash, Cc/Drain Punch, Knock off/Night Slash and Ice Shard/Stone Edge/U-Turn can be used to defeat Gym leaders and bosses alike with ease. Though be careful of Life Orb residual damage and the aforementioned priority moves.

Yes, but mega Delta Scizor has Adaptibility

Which still does not make it better than Delta Scyther.

So for my team what can you advice? Eevee; Electivire; Flygon; Tyranitar; Haxorus Delta; Scyther Delta?

Please answer me

Your team is pretty good but you have a certain fighting type weakness with delta scyther, delta haxorus, tyranitar and eevee. You could cover this up if you have a flying move on Flygon. And it would be better if u removed Electivire and Scyther in exchange for a Delta Gardevoir to cover both types. With this you could incorporate a poison or fairy type. or just add a Crobat. You could also teach your eevee some fire type move to cover up for your team’s grass weakness with Haxorus(D) and tyranitar being weak to it if you dont want to remove Electivire and Scyther.