Ice type Larvesta line (WIP)


Delta Larvesta 2x2 Delta Larvesta

Delta_Volcarona 2x2Delta_Volcarona



Type: Pure Ice

Abilities: Ice body, Refrigerate

Hidden Ability: Serene Grace

Dex Entry: A delta pokemon discovered by Dechozen101. When it’s ice spikes are retracted, it is often mistaken for a casteliacone, surprising the victim when it extends them.


Type: Pure Ice

Abilities: Confectionary, Refrigerate

*Confectionary is basically Protean, but also changes the appearance and possible other stuff.

Hidden Ability: Serene Grace

Dex Entry: It wraps itself around it’s wings and burrows underground to hide as it lures possible prey with it’s many sweet scents


Decided to work on another line while avoiding the responsibility of making more back sprites. I still could use some ideas for what to add to volcarona. All I have right now is retaining the color scheme and making the wings a snowflake, but that’s subject to change. Give me ideas for the volcarona. As always, feedback is appreciated.


Good, delta volcarona could have chocolate chips or even waffle cookies as wings

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Omg I’m so in love with this!!

im in love with this idea of using casteliacone for the idea is brilliant :smiley:

Progress report. I’m still working on the wings but I wanted to post something to show that I didn’t forget about this.

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Delta_Volcarona 2x2

Thing. I plan on making other forms for the ability I was kinda thinking of, but don’t expect them to be posted here.

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make it just change the wings, it’s going to be way to time consuming for the entire body

looks amazing nice work

how does one pixel art… teach me your ways.

It’s a lot simpler than it seems. You need to start off with a program capable of spriting such as aseprite, gimp, or firealpaca. Personally I use aseprite. I get sprites from I load up the sprite for the Pokémon I’m working on and start off with a palette swap, adding details from there without splicing parts of other pokemon.

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oh. ok thanks. I want to try to create a delta meowth with aseprite.

This design is amazing, and the idea is great!