Ice monotype run help

Trading Name: Ceph

Offer: Anything I can reasonably get in the early game

Request: Snorunt (f) and/or Snover

Further info: I am trying to do a challenge run restricting myself to ice types, and I need a hand getting a pokemon to start off at around level 5-10. These two listed are the ones I’d desire most as they are from friend safaris and I want to get them either way. The other four I want are obtainable on my own, so I just need help getting these two. I do not care about IVs or natures as long as they don’t have a nature that directly screw them over. So, anyone willing to give me a hand here?

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Yeah, I guess so. I’ll take that Snover if I may.

I have a snorunt want it?

Is it female? If so, yes.

Got help, post is no longer of use. Thank you.