Ice legendary tazmanian tiger

I always was a little bummed suicune wasn’t an ice type like articuno, which motivated me to make this legendary design.
ability:snow warning/ snow cloak/ ice cleats?
tazmanian tiger

Pokedex: Ancient carvings suggest this pokemon was once revered, but it is though it worshipers grew angry with it as a struggle is depicted, afterward a new pokemon appears in its place. It is believed exstinct.

This pokemon is revived from a fossil, it flees leaving the scientists’ lab a mess in its panic fearing humans.
My feeling is this pokemon was once worshiped, but in time the humans outgrew him as a god seeing offerings and sacrifices as archaic. With lost advanced technology they created its replacement that causes its extinction.


this just looks like a fakemon… in my opinion there is no resemblance to suicune.

I do like the design, but like @potatoking12 said, it doesn’t look at all like suicune. Oh, I would also maybe change the pink in the design. Looks a bit out of place. But other than that, it looks pretty cool.

Its not supposed to be suicune, it was just my own design created because I wanted another ice legendary like articuno. Since suicune wasn’t an ice type, I made another legendary beasof my own.

Its not suicune, its an ice legendary all its own. I created it because I was hoping suicune was going to be an ice type,but it wasn’t. So in the spirit of the legendary beasts I created an ice type beast. It is a fakemon.

This. Is. Beautiful. :heart_eyes:

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