Ice Beam Dillema

Since Ice beam TM is still not available I was wondering if I can get Ice beam by breeding; I want my greninja to have one. Thanks.

You can get TM moves via breeding. Greninja can get ice beam from breeding, so it’s fine.

So for example: walrein or lapras is the same egg group as greninja so if lapras/walrein have ice beam it can be passed down to the froakie (and eventually greninja) by breeding?

and also just another question can you breed roost into a togepi (so I can use it for my future togekiss).

  1. I dunno. Somebody just told me you can get ice beam on greninja via breeding. Don’t know who can pass it, but I’m just gonna say: Sure.
  2. Yes.

Yup, Ice beam can be passed down to froakie thorough breeding, that will work. Here’s a [breeding guide] (Breeding Guide) As long as the first stage of the pokemon can learn said TM. Dont think togepi is capable of learning roost.

Nope, you cannot breed roost onto a togepi.

thanks for that

Breed your greninja with a male Dewgong for ice beam

Actually moves can now be passed by either parents in Gen 6, so no problem for me there, but thanks anyways.

TM moves can be passed down only via male parents in insurgence. Egg moves can be passed down by either parent.