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I wanted to ask something about Showdown


Well, I wanted to ask something, I wanted to start a Showdown server based on games like Pokemon Insurgence or Uranium in order to make a Showdown where you could mix fan-game Pokemon, I wanted to ask if I could add the Insurgence Pokemon and even add more Nuclear forms to the normal pokedex, so I wanted to ask if I’m allowed add the Holon Pokemon, thanks!


Uranium once reached out to showdown years ago for a uranium showdown server but there were issues and it didn’t work out.

Both games have similar sims. Haven’t used Uranium’s so can’t say how functional it is, but if you want to, you can contribute to the insurgence sim(it’s being slowly updated to include 1.2 content by @Levi506 and @SleepLate)

Uranium sim:
Insurgence sim:

If you want to contribute to updating insurgence sim(I think this is the link):


Yeah we have been working on it and I will get back to updating it after I am done with my college finals