I want to trade some pokemon

Trading Name: bramyboy8

Offer: Any pokemon

Request: Delta Snivy

Further info: I want to use delta snivy in a playthrough of the main game but its only available in postgame. I don’t really have a pokemon to trade because of this however. I am also open to trade the delta snivy from my other save file to my second through someone else.

I have a Delta Snivy, but I want a legendary. Like, any legendary with a base stat of 680, like Giratina, Lugia, and the like. Anything you got in your playthrough so far.

If you don’t have a legendary, too bad.

I indeed don’t have a legendary.

Do you still need the D. Snivy?

Yes i do

My trading name is the same as my user name.

When can you trade?

I can trade right now. Do you trade me the snivy or do I trade you the snivy from my file 1 to then receive it from you on file 2?

i trade you one,

Let´s trade now then

Thank you very much

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