I want to evolve my kadabra (done, thanks guys)

anybody interested in a trade and trade back situation?


do you know how to do it? i havent done a trade before

Read this:

I’m online right now. what’s your username?

I’m pretty sure I figured out how to do it. thanks for the link. lmk when you’re ready to do the trade

I can help you evolve it But you can also evolve it alone with witch doctor in black market in helios city if you are there

oh that’s cool. i didn’t kknow that. i’d still like to evolve him if you have a second. i’m not to helios city yet. i love the game so far though!

ok my trading name is darkliar

ok i’m online and ready to go. my trading name is cashmoney

ok on your go

it says you’re not online for some reason

ok trade again GO

that is so cool. thanks so much!

no problem enjoy