I want Delta Bulbasaur

Trading Name: ron199

Offer: Golem lvl 100

Request: Delta Bulbasaur

Further info:i want Delta Bulbasaur

I have a delta bulbasaur for you, but I don’t want anything as grand as a lvl 100 golem. Is it okay if you can give me a delta for a delta? Delta ralts or grimer to be specific. That would be greatly appreciated!

i got evolved form of delta ralts delta kirlia lvl23

that’s completely okay with me. If you ever want the kirlia back, I can breed a ralts for myself and then trade the kirlia back to you. my trade name is monke. when are you available?

that fine not interested in kirlia
i am collecting the three start up delta pokemon
and delta bulbasaur is the last one i need
i am available now if you can

gotcha, i’ll be ready in a bit

ready, lets do it

keeps saying that you’re not online

huh, maybe I use a different one. try GTN0122

thanks :]

you too

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