I Want a Shiny Vulpix

Trading Name: Tellur

Offer: Anything I have, except legendaries, I can also offer IV stone or Master Ball.

Request: Shiny Vulpix

Further info: Preferably Timid nature.

you got active pokerus?


how many iv stones would you offer?

How many do you want?

idk, depends on what you want

Well, it’s a shiny… 15 IV stones is fine?

ok if that’s what you want, I’ll start hunting it

would you be ok with a ninetales?

Thanks! If you Want a specific pokemon with full perfect IV you can tell me too, I have different full IV dittos so… I can easily breed full IV pkmn

Nah I’m fine, but do you happen to have a timid synchronizer? if not then I’ll still get it, but might take a little longer

Let me check…

Well… I do have…

I can easily breed something better tho…

It’s good

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