I want a Shiny D. Axew

Trading Name: Firefiber/Firefiber733339

Offer: A lotta IV stones plus a Shiny D. Drifloon and D. Larvesta

Request: A shiny D. Axew that is low lv because I wanna use one on my playthrough

Further info: Larvesta might be a bad nature, but the Drifloon will be good I think

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wait arent you tradebanned?

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I got untradebanned lmao


I’ll take the d.larvesta. Sounds good?

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how do you guys have so many shinies… whats the method you guys use?

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there are several ways like friend safari and dexnav, theres a shiny hunting guide on the forums somewhere but im too lazy to search lol

for deltas you can really only do static hunting and masuda method, both of which are a pain. static hunting is basically just saving before the pokemon your gonna encounter and then soft resetting after encounter the mon if the mon is not shiny.
masuda method is when you get 2 pokemon from different languages (for example english(US) and Greek) and then you breed them. the shiny odds drastically increase but the process of getting a egg then hatching it is really really slow in my experience

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and for legends obv theres only static hunting

Just keep playing the game u will get out of pure luck

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that too lol



Sure! You online now?

Can do in 2 hours or so sorry.

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You here?

Also, may I know what level the axew is?

Ye I’m ready let me get on my pc.

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What lv is it again?

let me just check

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