I want a piloswine

Trading Name: lukapo

Offer: I dont have much, i think my best offer is delta growlithe

Request: Piloswine/swinub

Further info: I want to use a momoswine for my team, but i cant get it before beating 6th gym. I would love if someone could help me out

its available after you leave telnor town

thanks for the effort to try to help me, but this friend safari spawns another pokemon just like all the others I have tried

That’s because Piloswine is in the 3rd slot, which is first available after obtaining the 8th badge.

yhea i know, that is exactly why i want to trade for it

I can get you one, what nature and ability? (can’t get HA)

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Thank you so much, i dont care that much about the ability but preferbly Adamant Careful, or impish as the nature. i do not have much in return sadly, would a delta growlithe be ok?

I don’t need anything, just spreading the soon-to-be-Christmas love

It’s finished, ready whenever

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Hi bro ! I need a zorua/zoroark or delta haxorus, one delta vulca, shinies and rares pokemons in Insurgence. I can trade anything with you, i’ve any pokemon you want in other version !

You want shinies?

Yesss !!

Shinies, delta, or delta shinies !

I don’t understand, do you want shinies or are you offering shinies?

I want ! ^^


That’s a very difficult and time-consuming task, and is quite an unreasonable request. Sorry, can’t do it.

And just delta please ?? Haxorus or elvove of larvitar !

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