I think D. Volc is good

Trading Name: Vihaan

Offer: Literally anything that isnt postgame.

Request: Delta Volcorona

Further info: E4 is driving me crazy

by the way vast… do you have shinies to shiny trade

Only the free giveaway in the suntouched Brodcast tower. Im so mad.

I hate shiny farming too.

i did not get a random shiny untill i was trying to complete the pokedex in my second save file after deleting my first for some reason

Aw man. Do you already have the shiny from in game giveaway?


Well I dont know what to give ;-;

what about the giritina

My giri? Sure, I think?

Its Lvl 91 if u want it?

ok… wait a sec while i get a larvesta


Wait can you farm D. Volc ???

you can breed them

Oh I thought it was inf catch

what is your trade name… mine is dheer


hi… are you there

I am so sorry, I fell asleep, I am ready to trade now.