I Screwed up

Just realized i accidentally submitted a lot of my delta Pokemon designs . So to who ever goes through the holon dex submissions I am so sorry i filled your box with my useless designs that did not fit the criteria. so very very sorry I hope i dont make this mistake again

What do you mean by [quote=“Jaylung, post:1, topic:9928, full:true”] designs that did not fit the criteria [/quote]

Most if not all of your designs are amazing though

I Feel like some of the designs kinda fall under fusions and recolors or both

I mean, they’re not considering deltas for the Holon dex right now, so it’s fine. Also, your deltas, in my opinion, aren’t really just fusions or recolors, they look awesome :slight_smile: (However, you do need a transparent background, not white background).

PS: It’s always good to read rules before the first time you post btw.

The deltas you make, although do use a few minor parts of other pokemon, come off as way different. You know how and where to use the different parts of other pokemon without making it obvious. You still make them seem unique even when you use other pokemon. Keep doing what youre doing cause youre good at it. :slight_smile: