I neeeed help with the e4. Please give ideas

Can anyone help me with the elite four? I have challenged them so many times, and can never seem to beat them.

What’s your team? Please add the Natures, moves, and items.

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Delta Snorlax (Winter Form) w/ Belly Drum, Drain Punch, Solar Beam, and Earthquake holding a Leftovers with a Sassy Nature and trying to get it to level 90. Ability: Thick Fat. 2nd Pokémon: Normal Haxorus w/ Roar, Giga Impact, Dragon Dance, and Outrage. Level 89- Ability Rivalry. Holding Kings Rock. 3rd Pokémon is a Pelipper, Moves=fly, Secret Power, Hurricane, Hydro Pump. Abiliity Keen Eye, Sassy Nature. No item. 4th Pokémon is Giratina, With Shadow Force, Draco Meteor, Calm Mind, and Aura Sphere. Levl 90 with Leftovers. Quiet Nature. 5th Pokémon is a Rotom Heat with hex, overheat, Charge, and Discharge Adamant Nature, Level 91. No item. Ability: Levitate. Last Pokemon is Delta Muk, Brave Nature, Ability Regurgitation, with Uproar, Heat Wave, Drain Punch, Earthquake. No item.

@DerpySaga Actually I dont need PowerUpPuch because I have a very powerful Drain Punch. I have an IV stone, which stat should I use it on?

i would suggest maybe a regular snorlax with life orb. moves : thunder, earthquake, flamethrower and ice punch. Also get a ghost type with curse, if you have no options on a certain trainer and basically try to curse all of them. it works quite well. @VastExpanse

if you want a flying Pokémon. Maybe fearow? mirror move, pluck, aerial ace and fly?
Alternative moves : roost or U-turn. Item: maybe choice band, life orb too or scope lens

if you want to keep delta snorlax get power up punch and a strong physical attack.

@VastExpanse for D snorlax? hmm idk about that prob health, sp def or def

Maybe Sp.def

Nononono. Normal Snorlax is not good for E4. Fearow just sucks, Staraptor or HA Talonflame(Friend Safari gives a 1/5 chance of HA) is much better. It’s hard for me to type on mobile so I’ll add a longer reply when I get the computer, but Hax runs DD, Outrage, EQ, and Poison Jab/Iron Head if I remember correctly. Life Orb if Dragon Dance, you can Choice Scarf or Choice Band and run another coverage move. Giratina wants Shadow Ball over Shadow Force if it’s CM.

I would replace Pelipper and Rotom due to Rotom’s having the worst possible Nature and Pelipper being less than great without it’s HA, Drizzle. D. Muk is okay though other ground types do the job better.

Thanks. But… I dont know if this is just for me, but I dont know how to get a friend safari.
Also I… dont know what a CM or EQ is. Oh nvm found in the Wiki. Does anyone know how to change my Friend safari? Oh nvm again I am just going to randoms.

you cant change friend safari. yeah what you couldve done is save before u got your friend safari and kept buying it to get a certain ev you can train or certain pokemon

Is it ok if I go to randoms and use their fs

ofc it is

Thanks @IndianAnimator for telling

Everyone on this websitte is so kind :slight_smile:

Also, I had an Idea. Can I use sitrus berry on D. Snorlax? It would be a good way to recover health.

i wouldn’t rely on berries. maybe leftovers?

That was my og plan.

Yeah, Friend Safari are meant to be visited, there’s a dude who rewards you for it. And I’m pretty sure Friend Safari is based on OT, which stays the same over the same IP.

oh. well I think I can keep trying for HA talonflame

Do you need my expertise or are you fine so far?

Choice Band Brave Bird spam is OP. Also, didn’t know you were active on Reddit Peter.

Started recently, about Genshin Impact stuff.

i suggest a mega flygon