I needs an item

I haven’t reached helios city yet but want to use a gallade I need someone to trade me a pokemon with a dawn stone

Helios city isn’t that far, where are you right now?

I’m in Koril town ik helios is near but I’m a pretty slow paced player

Can you say me how to trade? Because I don’t know how to trade, I have an extra dawn stone on me coz I use one on my own. I can trade any Pokemon.

dexnav press the button alongside the pokeball login into your account and you can press trade tell me when you’re free to trade

Hmm it seems that I can’t trade, I’m playing on android and whenever I open dexnav, I try to tap on the screen but it doesn’t work. I’m sorry man it’s just my luck that I’m not playing on a PC.

What is your offer?
i have 2 dawn stones rn

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