I need some mons ASAP!

Trading Name: DrakeH2031

Offer: Idk…what do you want?

Request: I really need some mons!! @GiaPeNiw’s comp broke which means he will not be able to give me my mons so I really need someone else to help me! Here are the mons I need: D. Feebas, D. Treeko, D. Turtwig, D. Noibat, and D. Deino. I need some good natures and IVs…I do not need good EVs tho.

Further info:I will be forever grateful.


His computer un broke if I can call it that. His mom walked around n and turned it on just fine. But maybe it broke again


You Still need’em? I can get you all of em with good IVs but cannot guarantee the nature.

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It seems like everyone on the forums have reawakened

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Yes I do! Thanks!

Which one

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All of em if you can



gimme a sec

Also, I can only trade in about 2 hrs…are you fine with that?

i did fix my comp btw

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I actually just fixed it pft

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You did?!? Can you get me those mons? And the ones you needed to transfer to me?

@Ashplayzz1234, can you just get me a good Iv Delta Deino?

sure I got dem IV stone ;-; u need a good nature?

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Sure if you can get it. But good iv is all I need.

OK! I’ll try to get a Sp.A nature

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How can I ever repay you for everything?

IDK u don’t need to :smiley: