I need some help with my team

delete this post maybe? i cant see a “remove post” option anywhere.

Fairy type

which fairy type? i could only find floettes.

Azumarill maybe…

i already have a water type.

What type are you playing?(nuzlocke,Egglocke etc)

excadrill and feraligatr also have good hp. i’d maybe go with the evolution of floette, or togekiss.

im playing without any challenges and dark story.

How far are you in the story?

just defeated the second gym. and rescued damian.

That would be best considering you aren’t far in the storyline and the delta ------ can be obtained after a while

i will go with the evolution of floette considering my togepi has hustle.

any suggestions for the last team member?

Use a grass type like bulbasaur or its evolutions or a pokemon with high hp as then most your pkmn will have good hp