I Need Snowballs for the delta misdreavus quest

Trading Name: ihavenoclu

Offer: Some similar item of not much worth.

Request: Snowballs

Further info:Yes you read that right I need snow balls. I have found all the snowballs I could by finding them in hidden locations as specified in the wiki but I need one more to get 55. I spent 2 days trying to get it by catching pokemon of the vanillite line repeatedly but I have had enough. I give up but I really need just one more snowball to do the delta misdreavus quest! Please help!

I don’t think you need snowballs to do the delta misdreavus quest, i might be wrong but I’m pretty sure u just need to find several snowmen in deyraan town

Yeah, you just have to interact with some of the poke-snowmen. The snowballs are for a kid I think.

That may be true but according to the wiki i first need to give the lady near the pond 55 snowballs and then recieve icebeam as a tm and then i need to go to the same girl who activates the delta misdreavus quest and then she gives the player 100 snowballs which you can give to another npc in the holon region and receive 15 iv stones. That is what i am truly after. I figured out that the misreavus quest does not require any snowballs

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