I need of a final member

I’m building an UU team and i dont know who should i take for my final team member my team looks like: D-Gardevoir @ Delta Gardevoirite -thunderbolt -ice beam -calm mind -thunder wave

Honchkrow @ Life orb -Brave bird -Roost -Pursuit/Foul play

  • im not sure help with the last one would be appreciated

Chandelure @ not sure here too -will-o-wisp -Energy ball -Shadow Ball -Flame Burst should i breed for fire blast or no?

Chesnaught @ Leftover/Rocky helmet -Spikes -Leech seed -Drain Punch/Wood hammer -Spiky Shield

Swampert @ Leftovers -stealth rock -earthquake -Toxic -Scald

I recommend a zoroark, not only because I’m biased because it’s my favorite pokemon, but also because, with the right investments, it can hit really hard. I usually have my ev investments into speed and special attack, holding a life orb. My movesets is usually focus blast, flamethrowe, nasty plot, and dark pulse, Jul but that’s just me

But i already have a Dark type

Ya, but zoroark only has one weakness, which is fighting, which honchkrow takes neutral damage from, but I could see why you wouldn’t want anot her dark type, you could also use snorlax, since he can take hits as well as dish them out

I also forgot about the other types fighting was weak too, sorry

I don’t recommend taking any more Dark types. You already have 2 Pokemon which weak against Fairy and no definite switch in against that. Get a Steel or Poison type, or a type which at least neutral to Fairy.

Options included:

  • Tentacruel, which can use Rapid Spin, can somewhat tank special hits.
  • Florges, which can heal your entire team with Aromatherapy and Wish, take special attack happily
  • Doublade, can somewhat tank Fairy attacks, hit back hard with +2 Shadow Sneak on switch ins
  • non-mega Metagross, switch in to Fairy attack, Agility or Bullet Punch, then sweep
  • Blissey, same role to Florges, but normal type

Your Honchkrow should have a Sucker Punch because its speed tier is not that good anyway.