I need help with the GTS

Trading Name: Cainfillitenebrae

Offer: Maybe we can work on something

Request: Help getting my starter back

Further info: I am very new to the online of pokemon and didn´t know how the GTS worked so for accident i put my starter in there and i need help please.

I need to get my starter back
Trading Name : ExplodingMatter1
Request: Help get my starter back and eevee

I dont really understand you

Want trade ?
I need back my starter cos I make a mistake

ok yours is in the gts too right

yes .

both eevee and starter

Which starter is

delta squirtle and eevee

I need to be trade in my trading name : ExplodingMatter

Did you put it searching for something in specific

nothing specific when you free

When you free?

It is a squirtle wartotle or blastoise and in what level is

squirtle level 10

is it female

And what about the Eevee

yes female

Can Trade back tmr?

or later 9+ pm SGT