I need help with the E4

I’ve tried so many times, I hate how they follow your higest level pokemon which is my delta Charizard (level 102) and I always need more full restores and revives, if anybody could trade me a good pokemon with full restore or revive. I would appreciate it very much.

If you want I could also trade for it.

Dude, just train all your pokemon up to same levels. I overleveled my Pokemon as well, and I got punished for it however I still “somehow” beat the champion with 1 pokemon. just do you best.

Dude, i’m at the champion room, and I can’t get out without dying which means I need to restart ALL OVER AGAIN which i’m to lazy to do.

Could you at least tell me which pokemon you swept him with?

I swept him with a Mega Delta Venasaur with Hubris (same as Moxie but for Special Attack). I calm mind twice, and then start sweeping with Moonblast/Psychic

Can you lend me it, my discord is ali ;D#9973