I need help with elite 4 kayla

I need help with elite 4 Kayla my team is

LVL 111 Mega D Charizard
LVL 111 Mega D Scizor
LVL 111 Giratina
LVL 110 Rotom
LVL110 Rotom (Washing machine)
LVL 81 Mew

I don’t get how can i beat her its impossible

I see you don’t have a grass type or a pokemon that’s otherwise immune to her smeargle’s spore - you probably need to work on that. A sufficiently quick substitute will work on any of these, but, interestingly, there’s an oversight in her AI that allows anyone to cheese her super hard:

She doesn’t seem to know how to respond to a sap sipper mon, so if you lead with that, her smeargle will repeatedly attempt to spore you, and boost your attack with sap sipper instead, allowing you to fully set up and then sweep her team with ease. I used a minimize substitute Delta Muk with earthquake, and once she’d let me set up, there was nothing she could do to hurt me.
Just be aware that, if your mon is a grass type, she probably won’t try to spore it.

Ok tysm but what do I do now that I don’t have a grass type since I saved at her and I beat everyone else

i have an idea can u trade me a high-level grass type mon that knows all the moves to win for my mew and wen im done i get it back

Well, the easiest option is to let her take you out and then re-do your team, but lum/chesto berry substitute/priority move should work well enough to stop her smeargle from sporing you and setting up. I believe you should have substitute as a TM by now, and if not, Giratina and D Zard both learn Draco Jet and get STAB on it, and you should definitely have at least that TM.
Now, you probably don’t have either Haze or Clear Smog, so breaking her baton pass chain before it gets out of hand is going to be absolutely vital, otherwise she’ll destroy you with scizor’s bullet punches, or her sylveon and espeon’s monstrously boosted stored power. Sadly, you do not have a dark type to help with that.
So your only option once smeargle is out of the picture is to hit her hard and fast to take her mons out before they have a chance to baton pass their boosts. If you have roar as a TM, that is also an excellent way of getting rid of their boosts - so long as you can stop her smeargle from passing on ingrain.

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thank you i have Draco jet and I have taught it to Giratina and I gave D char the lum berry I’m gonna try ur strat out rn

Alternatively you could use delta snorlax. At the start you set up with belly drum and then drain punch sweep everything also seed bomb every single time for the remaining 1 hp with focus sash as there is a possibility that kayla baton passes to slowbro so u can OHKO it w/ that seed bomb

That is smart but i sadly don’t have D Snorlax

You can catch one if you are not in the league at the moment. There is a chance for a delta munchlax to spawn in the Hidden Grotto on Route 9

also rly smart but I’m in the league saved a Kayla and what does Necro mean

To evolve it simply put it at start of party, go to level trainer and choose level 100. When the first healing wish is done it will get high friendship, and when second healing wish is done it will level up with the high friendship. When the level trainer is about to send the third audino just choose a strong level 100+ mon and sweep it

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I’m gonna use that for muchlax after the league cuz i know its OP

k gl with league then. Also, take it from me, the champion is pain, so kayla ain’t the end o’ ur worries.

For me however, delta snorlax completely sweeped kayla, making kayla the easiest for me

if that’s true then I’m screwed

WOW…didn’t know that

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teach one of your mons taunt, set up on the smeargle, sweep

If you have a Lum or Chesto Berry, have your lead Pokemon hold it, she won’t Spore you that way.

I second that. Lead with my Delta Blastoise w/ Chesto Berry.
KO’ed it with aura sphere and vacuum wave, then swept her with nasty plot dark pulse

GUYS TYSM AFTER MULTIPLE TRIES TAKING ALL UR STRATS I FINALLY BEAT HER…but now I gotta fight the champion and i know who it is but i won’t spoil in case someone else sees this