I need help with beldum

Can someone take my beldum and teach it moves? It only has take down. Also I would like to know if jolly is a good nature for it. EDIT: It has now evolved and learned metal claw and confusion

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You do realize the only move Beldum learns is Take Down right? As for the nature, I don’t think it’s exactly the worst, but it isn’t the best.

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no i did not… thanks but can he learn tms?

Not that I’m aware of. Also, I did some research: Jolly is one of the best Metagross natures. Adamant is another one.

oh ok thanks :slight_smile:

whats funny tho is i got it from wonder trade lol people are a lot kinder on insurgence than on mainline games

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You should see how many Wonder Trade Shinys my friend has. He has like three boxes full of them.

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I’m lucky and got a shiny deoxys and entei. I confirmed the enteis is not hacked but I’m not so sure for deoxys

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Are you talking about insurgence or the mainline games?


How can you tell if a pokemon is hacked?

What are your doubts about Deoxys?

It didn’t have the confirmed mystery gift ot, and was in a regular poke ball. Might be legit, but I do t know if any shiny deoxys events.

You could shiny hunt deoxys in the gen 3 games: Pokemon Firered, GreenLeaf and Emerald with the Aurora Ticket,

There are shiny hunts on youtube about it.

Does it say it was caught at level 30 in birth island.

No it was level 100 and I don’t think it said birth island

What level was it caught at? Also check the OT; I know of several people (me included) who just Wonder Trade away Shinies, most of which are legal hacks (meaning that they were only created from hacks, nothing about them is illegal.) If it ends in .TV or .com, it’s hacked but usable online.

Both ots were from someone with tv in the name and I found them on twitch. Entei was an event for sun and moon so I don’t know if they’re hacked.

It’s hacked. Event OTs are most commonly set, not the Trainer’s OT. Don’t worry though, they’re technically still legal.

Cool beans kek.

i dont remember the ot but i think it was bred i got it at level one oh nvm i thought you were talking to me lol

should i teach my metang bullet punch?