I need help to re-build my team

I just cleared out the Abyssal Cult base in Maelstrom 9. (I had to switch the difficulty to Easy just to not get one shot by Draco Meteor, and I didn’t even have a dragon type in my team !).

And after that nightmare ended I decided to change my team, my starter was eevee, but I stopped using him after the first gym after evolving him into a Vaporeon.

My current team is:

(LVL: 58) Leavanny (F). Ability: Chlorophyll. Nature: Jolly.

Move set: X-Scissor. Leaf Blade. Bug Bite. Swords Dance.

(Beedrill was my original bug type main, but then I found out Audrey had Alakazam.)

(LVL: 54) D. Ludicolo (F). Ability: Synchronize. Nature: Serious.

Move set: Psyshock. Dazzling Gleam. Water Pulse. Surf.

(LVL:: 57) D. Snorlax (M). (The gift pokemon for playing the game before it was finished.) Ability: Overcoat. Nature: Naive. (Tried using pokepon to get a better nature.)

Move set: Earthquake. Razor Leaf. Wood Hammer. Synthesis.

(LVL: 57) Feraligatr (M). Ability: Torrent. Nature: Jolly.

Move set: Ice Fang. Water Pledge. Rock Tomb. Crunch.

(Charizard was in Feraligatr’s place, but I swapped the two due to Audrey being a water based trainer.)

(LVL: 54. Not used.) Beedrill (M). Ability: Swarm. Nature: Jolly

Move set: Poison Jab. Toxic Spikes. Aerial Ace. Twineedle.

(This pokemon has been with me since the beginning, but that was before I checked Pokemon DB for his stats. Then I stopped using him.)

(LVL: 57. Not used.) Charizard (M). Ability: Blaze. Nature: Modest. (I got the short end of the stick, but made it into a slightly better stick.)

Move set: Dragon Pulse. Flamethrower. Fire Pledge. Flame Bust.

(Do I really need to explain why I dont use him ?)

(LVL: 58.) D. Gallade (M, duh). Ability: Volt Absorb. Nature: Adamant.

Move Set. Leaf Blade. Ice Punch. Thunder Punch. Swords Dance.

(Only reason I didn’t replace him with Jolteon was because he was useful in the Jade tower battles.)

(LVL: 49 Not used.) Haxorus. (M) Ability: Mold Breaker. Nature: Quirky.

Move Set: Dragon Dance. Dragon Claw. Rock Tomb. Slash.

(Have not used this pokemon in a long time, not really sure if I should keep him.)

Those are the only pokemon that I dont ever plan on using again, and now for the list of pokemon I plan on keeping.

(LVL: 59) D. Ambipom (F).Ability: Infiltrator. Nature: Jolly.

Move Set: Fake Out. Ghost Punch. Return. Covet.

That’s it, nothing else. Also some suggestions for moves or TM’s to teach Yurei (My D. Abipom.) would be nice.

Some suggestions:

Leavanny @ Life Orb


252 Atk/252 Spd

retain Swords Dance, Leaf Blade and X- Scissor

replace Bug Bite with any the following:

  • Shadow Claw (at least you have something to hit Steel types
  • Baton Pass (to pass SD boosts when something that walls you shows up)
  • Poison Jab (for Fairy types, but usually Leaf Blade is sufficient for them)

Feraligatr @ Feraligatite


252 Atk/252 Spd

ideally with Sheer Force

retain Ice Fang and Crunch

replace Water Pledge and Rock Tomb with:

  • Aqua Tail (STAB, boosted by Tough Claws)
  • Dragon Dance

Delta Ambipom @ Life Orb/Choice Band


252 Atk/252 Spd

retain Fake Out, Shadow Claw and Return

replace Covet with Drain Punch (very few resists Ghost+ Fighting coverage and Drain Punch offsets recoil from Life Orb)

Delta Ludicolo @ Life Orb/Choice Specs

ideally Modest/Timid

ideally with Magic Bounce

252 SAtk/252 Spd

retain Surf, Psyshock and Dazzling Gleam

replace Water Pulse with:

  • Calm Mind (if on Life Orb)
  • Thunderbolt
  • Aura Sphere

Delta Snorlax @ Leftovers

ideally Careful

ideally with Thick Fat

252 HP/252 SDef

retain Earthquake and Synthesis

replace Razor Leaf with:

  • Bulk Up

replace Wood Hammer with:

  • Seed Bomb (better for this set since the power loss is not that big considering you have Bulk Up) works like CurseLax but better since there is no reduction in Speed and there’s instant recovery in Synthesis (although Rest is still viable to avoid status)

Grass + Ground is a good combination but you are walled by Flying and Bug types Rock Slide is a good alternative to EQ but you get walled instead by Steel types Up to your team to know that coverage move to choose. Personally, I’ll go with EQ just because you have little coverage for Steel types in your team in general.

With the exception of Charizard (which you don’t use anymore), you don’t really have much to beat defensive Steel types. Fire types like Delta Vespiquen or Mega Delta Frosslass can do the job.

Thanks for the response, I beat the game a few days ago (The Elite Four rematch was way easier than the first time.) Once I beat the game I kinda got bored of it and uninstalled it for space on my pc, but if you want to know what team is used here it is:

Cobalion. Ability: Justified. Nature: Hardy. (I got tired of soft resetting the whole time so I settled for this.)

Move set: Iron Head. Sacred Sword. X Scissor. Swords Dance.

(Re explored most of the Torren Region for secrets after I beat the elite four the first time, found him in Midna Garden, a very good replacement for Infernape in my opinion.)

Eevee. (Mega.) Ability: Run Away. Nature: Hardy (Should probably have gotten a SP. Attack boosting nature in the end, but it doesn’t really matter.)

Move set: Moon Blast. Hydro Pump. Ice Blast. Thunderbolt.

Delta Greninja (Nickname: Flamgarde.) Ability: Steadfast. Nature: Modest. (I lucked out when finding this one, I love Delta Greninja to death.)

Move set: Flamethrower. Giga Drain. Magic Leaf. Will-O-Wisp.

Delta Volcarona. Ability: Levitate. Nature: Modest. (Do I really need to explain why I use this pokemon ?)

Move set: Focus Blast. Dark Pulse. Sludge Wave. Spacial Rend.

Delta Ambipom. (Nickname: Yurei.) Ability: Cursed Body. Nature: Jolly. (I managed to get a Ability Capsule and changed Yurei’s ability, sure Infiltrator is nice, but not that many pokemon use light screen etc, that I would have one pokemon specifically for that reason.)

Move set: Fake Out. Shadow Claw. (Found the Shadow Claw TM in Selene City.) Drain Punch. (Also found the Drain punch TM, can’t remember where.) Dark Move. (I cant remember Yurei’s last move, but I believe its a dark type move.)

Garchomp. (Nickname: Jaws.) Ability: Rough Skin. Nature: Adamant. (I love Garchomp just as much as Delta Greninja.)

Move set: Dragon Claw. Outrage. Earthquake. Stone Edge.

And that was my team that I used to beat the game, thanks for the help.