I need help on the e4

I have a d.ven d.hax d.snorlax what else should i gtet

Natures? Movesets? Those aside, Excadrill+Tyranitar, Gyarados and Scizor are good picks, along with D. Scyther who can singlehandedly sweep pretty much everyone except London. If you want more specific detail like sets, just ask.

i have a 4 iv d.larvesta timid and im getting a bred d.gardevoir, tyranitar and flygon. i want deltas or specal pokemon like mega kamg

D. Venu is probably the best mega for E4. That or Kanga. Ttar is best armored, paired with Sand Rush Jolly Excadrill. Swords Dance, Iron Head, EQ, Rock Slide, max attack, max speed, 4 Def. Flygon isn’t good unless it’s mega, but I don’t think it’s very worth it vs Yuki Kayla London or Eduard. Vs. Reukra it’s good, but otherwise useless. D. Gard is worse than D. Scyther in my opinion.