I need help fighting the first gym

I dont know all the mumbo jumbo that probably you all know :disappointed_relieved: so i am stuck at the first gym

Where exactly are you struggling? The first gym is pretty easy, especially (but not only) if you picked Ī“Charmander as starter (you only have to fear Charmeleonā€™s Dragon Pulse). Also, Ī“Bulbasaur should already have Hypnosis and Leech Seed, that deals with 50% of the team.

whatz ur team

never mind i beat him with a lvl 82 chandalyer

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dont worry i will not use him agian until i am at is level

how the heck did you get a level 82 PokƩmon lmao

Maybe he got it with wonder trade

that is exactly how i got it

i also got a lvl 52 spinda by wonder trade

thats crazy because i would only wonder trade my non shiny fossils which are level 5 but not freaking level 52s

yea it took alot of lvl one delta pokemon

i needed to be level 40 to beat xavier on easy mode

:confused: i am on medium